The Port

A delightful port at which to berth your vessel.

Alghero, the tourist capital of the so-called ‘Coral Riviera’, is located in the heart of the north-western coast of Sardinia, where the wonders of a crystal-clear sea combine with the marvels of a land rich in history. Discover the time-honoured charms of the old town, the ancient sea walls and the characteristic Aragonese towers, as well as the breathtaking natural landscapes to be found along a 45-kilometre stretch of stunning coastline. Moreover, you are sure to be impressed by the sheer limestone promontory of Capocaccia.

Mooring your vessel at the port could not be easier: the Ser-Mar pier includes 80 berths for boats measuring up to 23 metres in length, with an extensive array of services and facilities designed to meet your every need, throughout the entire year. Fall in love with a unique backdrop as you immerse yourself in an unforgettable, carefree holiday. Our pier is not just the place where you can enjoy your stay in comfort and safety – you are also sure to feel very much at home, welcomed into our family-run club and to our beautiful city.